About Us


Our name comes from the founders Gavril and Monica Suta. GAMONI was founded in 1994 in a small workshop in Satu Mare, Romania with 5 employees. With much passion, desire and a lot of work, it has grown over the years. The factory now is 2 hectares in size lying on an area of 8 hectares in total and had given the opportunity over 2000 people to work. GAMONI has a total forest of 20 hectares. We use high technology robots and machinery and while doing so we make sure that we protect the environment. GAMONI has built solar panels and producing 100% of its energy from solar panels every year. GAMONI also has an office and a showroom in Cluj-Napoca. Since 1994 we have always adapted ourselves to new trends and needs of our precious customers. The demand for GAMONI products expanded at an international level. You can currently find GAMONI products over 30 countries and 2 continents.

Our mission: To be part of the harmony of your indoor and office chair needs with the best comfort and price possible.

Our vision: To be able to reach out to our precious customers from all over the world so that they can get the beautiful designed and most comfortable chairs they have been looking for.


Why choose GAMONI?

Because we take the wood and give you a complete chair. All the process of chair making is completed at our facilities. That is why we give you the best quality and comfort with the best price and deliver in the shortest possible time. You can also customize and personalize your chairs however you want. You can choose between dozens of materials, colors, shapes and change the dimensions of your chairs however you prefer.

  • High quality
  • High comfort
  • Best price
  • High technology and green production
  • Personalized chair models


We protect the environment for better futures

Did you know that we produce 100% of energy from the solar panels  and our fabrics also include 100% recycled bottled fabrics.

We think that leaving a greener future to younger generations is extremely important and that’s why we installed solar panels in 2018. We constantly try to be a more sustainable and greener company.

Visit us at our showroom

Do you want to design and customize your chair in person? Come visit us at our showroom in Satu Mare or Cluj – Napoca. A professional team of designers will help you to build your own unique chair exactly in the style you are looking for. 

We would be grateful to host you at our showroom. Interested to see our high quality chairs and decide on your chair design live? If so, please do not hesitate to visit us.